NOW IS THE TIME to earnestly and quickly prepare yourself for Christ’s second coming. The Church of God – PKG is working to help people learn what is needed in order to prepare themselves for the catastrophic and fast approaching end-time events that precede Christ’s return and the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. There are not years to prepare for all this, but now only months and weeks.

God established His Church on the annual Holy Day of Pentecost in 31 AD, and that Church has always carried His name—the Church of God. It is the oldest Church and the original Church that calls itself Christian. God’s true Church has continued only as a small organization since 31 AD, and it has been His purpose that His Church remain that way.

Nearly 300 years after God’s true Church was created, another church emerged on the world scene and it also called itself Christian. That church did not carry God’s name, and it introduced many beliefs that are unscriptural. Over the centuries, that church grew very large and became the state religion of the old Roman Empire. Beginning in the 1400s and since, other church organizations have formed who also call themselves Christian, yet nearly all of these have adopted most of the same beliefs of that old Roman church.

This emergence of so many church organizations over the past few centuries has caused much religious confusion among those who call themselves Christian. God will remove that confusion once He intervenes and stops WWIII and re-establishes only one true Church on earth once again. That one Church on earth from that time forward will be under its head, who is the Christ.

The Church of God – PKG is leading the way in removing religious confusion as it continues to establish and teach God’s truth that He has been giving the Church since the Apostasy. God’s Church today keeps the weekly 7th Day Sabbath just as the early Church is recorded as doing, and it teaches where the false concept of worshiping on the first day of the week, Sunday, began.

God’s Church also keeps the annual Holy Days of God that are outlined in Leviticus 23, just like the early Church, as they were instructed to do so by the original apostles. That early Church proclaimed the purpose and truth of Christ coming the first time as the Passover for all mankind and of his resurrection to eternal life as the firstborn into God’s Family.

God’s Church today is proclaiming the second coming of Christ, but that this time he is coming to fulfill the prophecies about the coming Messiah who will reign over this earth for the next 1,100 years. Christ came the first time to fulfill the role as a Lamb for the Passover sacrifice for all mankind, but he is coming this second time to fulfill the role as the Lion of God who will reign on earth over all mankind.

The governments of mankind are about to come to an end and the Church of God – PKG is warning this world of prophesied end-time events that have already begun. The Book of Revelation is now being fulfilled through these end-time events as they continue to unfold and World War III becomes a reality.

Ronald Weinland, who is the pastor of God's Church on earth, has also been appointed by the God of Abraham as His end-time prophet to foretell most of the final events leading up to Christ's return. He has also been sent to warn the Church that was scattered after the prophesied Apostasy that occurred in December of 1994. It was at that time that the man of sin, the son of perdition, was revealed and the First Seal of Revelation was opened.

It was then after this Apostasy (great falling away) that God’s Church became scattered into over 600 different organizations. This great event was what the apostle Paul prophesied as being the announcement of a countdown to Christ’s second coming. That Church that was scattered that remains so today, as well as this world, is fully unaware that seven seals have already been opened and that the final Seventh Seal of Revelation was opened on November 14th of 2008.

The world is now down to the time when the seven final trumpets of the Book of Revelation are being revealed and their fulfillment brings about the final events of this end-time. We are at the doorstep of World War III, and then following that, God’s direct intervention to end that war—the last of mankind’s wars, as Christ returns as the Lion of God to take control of the reigns to govern this world.

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