Seeking A Response

God's Church that began in 31 AD is organized today as the Church of God – PKG (Preparing for the Kingdom of God).

It is known by God’s Church that end-time events that lead up to WWIII are very near. Once that war begins, there will not be the ability for God’s Church to give much help to others, if any. At that time, most of the world will begin to be cut off from normal means of transportation and communication. From that point forward, most are simply going to have to wait until God intervenes to stop the war by sending His Son and the 144,000 who will then begin to establish God’s government on earth.

There is not much of a window in time before that war begins, but even as it draws closer, end-time events are going to increase and our way of life will no longer be the same. Even as of the time of this writing, the COVID-19 pandemic has led nations around the world to shut borders and issue stay-at-home orders. So much has already begun to happen that is changing the way we live our lives.

Those who have read When the Countdown Ends may have questions for God’s Church and as a result, may seek answers. Some may desire counseling or to attend the services in God’s Church. Others may even want to be baptized. As time goes forward, we may not be able to give much help in those areas until God’s Kingdom becomes established.

While some are still able, we encourage people to seek answers on our websites, and especially from this site (, which has a lot of information on the “Publications” and “Sermons” pages. If people want to begin keeping the Sabbaths (weekly and annual) that God commands, then it would be wise to listen to the sermons that are posted for each of those days, as well as listening to others that are posted so that one can begin to learn much more about God and His Son, Joshua the Christ.

As of now, we do not know if God’s Church will be able to meet together again in local congregations as we did before the coronavirus pandemic struck.

In addition to this site, another website for information that would be good to check from time-to-time is, which has been set up to give timely information if there is the need to do so. In the past, the Weinland’s had posted their travel plans to various congregations on that site. If that door for travel opens up again, then such trips will be posted.

Difficult circumstances may exist at various stages before a third world war and we will do the best we can to help any who request it. The contact information is listed below.


Ronald Weinland, Pastor
Send email to:

Mailing Address:
The Church of God - PKG
P.O. Box 14447
Cincinnati, OH 45250

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