Hymns for the Feast of Tabernacles 2018

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  O Come And Let Us Worship Him     [lyrics]
  How Excellent Is Thy Name!     [lyrics]
  Come, See The Works Of God     [lyrics]
  Mt. Zion Stands Most Beautiful     [lyrics]
  How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings     [lyrics]
  But As For Me, I'll Call On God     [lyrics]
  O Give Thanks And Praise The Eternal!     [lyrics]
  I Will Praise Thee, O Eternal!     [lyrics]
O Come And Let Us Worship Him
Psalm 95

Dwight Armstrong

O come, let us in songs to God, Our cheerful voices raise;
In joyful shouts let us the Rock Of our salvation praise!
Before His presence let us come With praise and thankful voice;
Let us sing psalms to Him with grace, And make a joyful noise!

For God, a mighty God and King; Above all Gods He is;
The depths of earth are in His hand, The strength of hills is His.
To Him the spacious sea belongs, For He the same did make;
The dry land also from His hands Its from at first did take.

O come, and let us worship Him, Let us bow down withal;
And on our knees, before the Lord, Our Maker, let us fall.
Because He only is our God; And we His people are;
And of His pasture, we are sheep In His Almighty care.

How Excellent Is Thy Name!
Psalm 8

Dwight Armstrong

How excellent in all the earth, Lord our Lord is Thy name!
Who hast Thy glory far advanced Above the starry frame.
From mouths of babes and infants, Lord, Strength by Thee is ordained,
So that Thy enemies be crushed; Thy vengeful foes restrained.

When I look up unto the heavens Which Thine own fingers framed,
Unto the moon and to the stars, Which were by Thee ordained;
Then say I, what is man that Thou Should be mindful of him?
Or what, the son of man, that Thou So kind to him should be?

For Thou has made Him little less Than the angels above;
With glory and with dignity; With honor crowned his head.
Appointed Lord of all Thy works, All things under His feet;
All sheep and oxen, yes, and beasts That in the field do stray.

Come, See The Works Of God
Psalm 46

Dwight Armstrong

O God, our strength and refuge proves
in all distress a present aid;
Thou the trembling earth remove,
we will never be dismayed.
Kingdoms moved, the nations raged,
and the earth melted at His Word;
The Lord of Hosts for us engaged,
our refuge high is Jacob's God.

A river flows, whose living streams
gladdens the city of our God;
Tents where heavenly glory beams,
where the Lord has His abode.
God has Zion His dwelling made;
she shall never more be moved;
Her God shall early give His aid;
He her help has ever proved.

Come, see the works of God displayed,
wonders of His mighty hand;
Desolations He has made,
ruins spread through all the land.
"Be still, know I am God Most High;
o'er the nations I will reign."
The Lord of Hosts to us is nigh;
Jacob's God our help remains.

Mt. Zion Stands Most Beautiful
Psalm 48

Dwight Armstrong

The Lord Eternal is most great and greatly to be praised!
Within the city of our God, upon His holy hill.
Mount Zion stands most beautiful, the Joy of all the Land!
The city of the mighty King doth on her north side stand.

Within her palaces our God is for a refuge known;
For lo, the kings assembled, together they did come.
When they beheld it all amazed, they fled in great dismay;
And being troubled at hy sight, they thence did haste away.

As we have heard, we saw within the city of our God,
The city which the Lord of Hosts established evermore.
We of Thy loving kindness thought, in Thy most holy place;
O God, according to Thy name, Thy praise fills all the earth!

How Lovely Are Thy Dwellings
Psalm 84
Dwight Armstrong

Dwight Armstrong

How lovely are Thy dwellings, O Eternal Lord of Hosts!
My soul is longing, fainting, for Thee O living God.
Yea, the bird has found its home, built a nest to lay her young;
O that I may find Thine altars, my Lord, my King, my God!

How lovely are Thy dwellings, O Eternal Lord of Hosts!
For those who dwell in Thy house shall ever sing Thy praise!
Blest and happy is the man, who has found his strength in Thee;
He is stronger day by day, and shall in Zion dwell!

How lovely are Thy dwellings, O Eternal Lord of Hosts!
Give ear unto my prayer, O God of Israel;
For a day with thee is better than a thousand other days;
O that I may find Thine altars, My Lord, my King, my God!

But As For Me, I'll Call On God
Psalm 55

Dwight Armstrong

'Twas not a foe who did deride, for that I could endure;
No hater thus who rose in pride, else would I hide secure.
But thou it was, my friend and guide; we did as equals meet;
We walked to God's house side by side, and counsel blended sweet.

His speech more smooth than butter was, yet in his heart was war;
More soft than oil his words appear, yet sharp as drawn swords were they.
But Lord Thou will in judgment sit and bring them down to woe;
And in the deep and darksome pit, in ruin lay them low.

Death shall them seize, and to the tomb, a live they shall go down;
For wickedness is in their home; among them abound their sins.
But as for me, I'll call on God; the Lord will safety give;
He'll hear me when I cry aloud, at morning, noon and night.

O Give Thanks And Praise The Eternal!
Psalm 105

Dwight Armstrong

O give thanks and praise the Eternal, Call upon His sacred name;
Let His deeds be known among nations; Sing to Him, sing songs of praise.
Tell of all his marvelous wonders, Glory in His most holy name;
Let the hearts of those rejoice, Who seek god and fear his name;
Worship Him for ever and ever Never forget His wonderful works.

O remember all of His judgments, All His deeds and wonders great;
O remember, children of Isr'el, He made you His chosen ones!
He is our God now and forever! The Eternal, great is His name!
Over all He reigns supreme, All His judgments fill the earth.
God of Abrah'm, Isaac and Jacob, Glory to Him, sing praise to His name!

The Eternal's word is forever; He confirmed His covenant;
For a thousand generations, To His people Israel.
For He gave to them a possession, For an everlasting domain;
As their portion evermore, Canaan's land He gave to them.
God of Abrah'm, Isaac and Jacob, Glory to Him, Sing praise to His name.

I Will Praise Thee, O Eternal!
Psalm 9

Dwight Armstrong

I will praise Thee, O Eternal; I will show forth Thy great works!
O Thou Most High God, Eternal; I will sing praise to Thy Name!
But my foes shall turn and stumble; At Thy presence they shall fall;
The Eternal judges rightly; And forever He will rule!

The Eternal lives forever; He destroys all wicked men;
He removes their name forever; Even their memory dies;
But He judges all with fairness; He will rule with equity;
All who know His Name shall trust Him; He will not forsake His own.

To the Lord who dwells in Zion, Sing to Him and praise His Name!
Tell His deeds among the nations! Tell of all His glorious works!
He avenges all His people; He will not forget their cry;
To the Lord who dwells in Zion; Sing to Him and praise His Name!

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