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TIME IS RUNNING OUT for people to become more adequately prepared for a Third World War. It is this coming prophesied war that will precede Christ’s second coming. The Church of God – PKG is working to help people be far better informed about those things that are already happening which are now about to lead into major catastrophic events. There may only be months or even weeks left to prepare for these horrific things that are fast closing in.

God established His Church on the annual Holy Day of Pentecost in 31 AD, and that Church has always carried His name—the Church of God. It is the oldest and it is the original Church that calls itself Christian.

God’s true Church has continued only as a small organization since 31 AD, and it has been His purpose that His Church remain that way until His Son returns in a second coming. God’s purpose has never been that His Church should grow into the millions before He sends His Son as the Messiah—the Christ—the one anointed to reign as King of kings over the nations.

Nearly 300 years after God’s true Church was first established, another church emerged on the world scene, and it also called itself Christian. That church did not carry God’s name, but scripture clearly reveals that through the time of the original apostles, God’s true Church did carry His name—the Church of God.

However, besides not carrying God’s name, this new church organization that later came on the scene, introduced many beliefs that are unscriptural. Over the centuries, that church has grown very large, primarily because it became the state religion of the old Roman Empire after 325 AD. Beginning in the 1400s and since, other church organizations began to spring up who also call themselves Christian, yet nearly all of these have adopted most of the same beliefs of that old Roman church.

This emergence of so many church organizations over the past few centuries has caused much religious confusion among those who call themselves Christian. God will remove that confusion once He intervenes and stops WWIII and then re-establishes only one true Church once again. That one Church on earth from that time forward will be under its true leader, who is Joshua the Christ. From that time forward, no other churches will be allowed to exist, nor any religion to confuse people any longer.

The Church of God – PKG is leading the way in removing religious confusion as it continues to establish and teach God’s truth that He has been giving the Church since the prophesied end-time Apostasy. God’s Church today keeps the weekly 7th Day Sabbath just as the early Church is recorded as doing, and it teaches where the false concept of worshiping on the first day of the week, Sunday, began.

God’s Church also keeps the annual Holy Days of God that are outlined in Leviticus 23, just like the early Church as they were instructed to do by the original apostles. That early Church proclaimed the purpose and truth of Christ coming the first time as the Passover for all mankind and of his resurrection to eternal life as the firstborn into God’s Family.

God’s Church today is proclaiming the second coming of Christ, but that this time he is coming to fulfill the prophecies about the coming Messiah who will reign over this earth for the next 1,100 years. Christ came the first time to fulfill the role of a Lamb as the Passover sacrifice for all mankind, but he is coming this second time to fulfill the role of the Lion of God who will reign on earth over all nations.

After the prophesied Apostasy in His own Church, God later revealed to His remnant of that Apostasy that a specific countdown had begun that would lead up to Christ’s second coming. The Church of God – PKG did become over zealous in the interpretation of some timing in that countdown by focusing too much on certain dates that fell within specific prophetic parameters. But now the Church is keeping watch on those prophetic parameters that will yet become fulfilled, and is letting people know those periods of time that they need to be more alert and prepared. Those periods of time are now being spoken of as “markers,” much like markers one sets ahead of them in long races until they have crossed the finish line, which in this case is Christ’s actual coming.

Although the time from the Apostasy to the return of Christ will fit into a perfect prophetic chronological countdown, the Church does not know exactly which of these prophetic counts will be the actual date of Christ’s coming. Nevertheless, God’s Church will continue to warn people of those periods of time that we need to keep watch.

Regardless of the exact date of Christ’s coming, the governments of mankind are about to come to an end and the Church of God – PKG is warning this world about prophesied end-time events that have already begun. World events that are clearly fitting into prophetic fulfillment have been accelerating at a rapid pace over this past year.

Besides the growing sabre rattling going on between nations worldwide, it is important to keep eye on the coming economic collapse that is closing in. It is that event that sparks a final war—a nuclear war. The growing agitation among nations is thundering out just how close that war truly is. The Book of Revelation is rapidly becoming fulfilled through end-time events as they continue to unfold, as they lead right up to World War III becoming a reality.

Ronald Weinland is the pastor and last apostle to God's Church, the Church of God – PKG. His commission has been to give the final warnings of this end-time to God’s own Church that is now a remnant of what remains after the Apostasy in December 1994 that occurred in the Worldwide Church of God. Although they have not listened, these warnings have also been directed to the world and the Church that was scattered into over 600 different organizations after that Apostasy.

Ever since this Apostasy occurred over two decades ago, these warnings have been ongoing. This event at the end of 1994 is when the First Seal of the Book of Revelation was opened. Also, it was 40 Sabbaths after this event that the end-time prophesied man of sin, the son of perdition spoken of in 2 Thessalonians 2, was revealed.

Since that time, these warning have continued to the scattered churches because they have failed to acknowledge that an Apostasy occurred. Yet the very fact that the entirety of God’s Church was scattered at that time testifies (is a witness) to that truth.

It was then after this Apostasy (great falling away) that God’s Church became scattered into over 600 different organizations. This great event was what the apostle Paul prophesied as being the equivalent of an announcement of the beginning of a countdown to Christ’s second coming. These scattered organizations are fully unaware that seven seals have already been opened and that the final Seventh Seal of Revelation was opened on November 14th of 2008.

Because of this, these groups will be caught completely off guard when final tribulation begins. Since November 2008, a final countdown has been ongoing that is leading up to the beginning of the final war—WWIII—where great tribulation will come upon this world. We are now at a time when the catastrophic events of the first four trumpets are being held back until the final sealing of the firstfruits of God has been completed.

We are at the doorstep for the beginning of mankind’s final war. Following that will be the time for God’s direct intervention to end that war. That war will finally end with Christ’s return, along with the firstfruits of God who will come with him. Rather than coming as a Lamb to be the Passover for mankind, this time Christ is coming as the Lion of God to take control of the reins to govern this world.

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