NOW IS THE TIME to earnestly and quickly prepare yourself for Christ’s second coming. The Church of God – PKG is working to help people learn what is needed in order to prepare themselves for the catastrophic and fast approaching end-time events that precede Christ’s return and the establishment of God’s Kingdom on earth. There are not years to prepare for all this, but now only months and weeks.
God established His Church on the annual Holy Day of Pentecost in 31 AD, and that Church has always carried His name—the Church of God. It is the oldest Church and the original Church that calls itself Christian. God’s true Church has continued only as a small organization since 31 AD, and it has been His purpose that His Church remain that way. ... continued
God’s Church observes the 7th day Sabbath & the seven annual Holy Days as given in Leviticus 23. Our Purpose is to lead and teach those whom God is newly calling into His Church in these end-times, as well as those whom God is awakening from the scattering that occurred in the Worldwide Church of God.
Authored by Ronald Weinland, Prophesy Against the Nations, will challenge readers as they consider catastrophic end-time events that are now prophesied to begin. We are currently entering the last throes of civilization where the world is coming face to face with the reality that mankind cannot govern itself as it should. Billions are about to die in the worst of times in all human history. Who will listen and seek to save their lives?